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From 1 July 2010 the Government Information (Public Access) Act 2009 (GIPA Act) replaced the Freedom of Information Act 1989 (FOI Act). The GIPA Act is designed to promote a fair, transparent and open government for the people of New South Wales.

This policy sets out how FACS complies with its obligations, and how a member of the public may exercise the right of access to information held by the Government under the GIPA Act.

The GIPA Act specifies information that must be disclosed on an agency’s website, or otherwise made available free of charge. The GIPA Act also encourages publication of other information that may be of interest to the public. This information will be available free of charge, or at the lowest possible cost to persons seeking such information.

A formal access application  can be made by any member of the public for information held by FACS. A client of FACS may apply for information relating to services they may have received from FACS, or information relating to themselves.  Information of a non-personal nature may also be requested as part of a formal access application. Fees and charges may apply.

The GIPA Act also allows for FACS to release information informally. This may be information relating to policies or any other information that is available on the FACS website. A client of FACS may obtain limited information from their file without the need for a formal access application.

For additional assistance relating to accessing information under the GIPA Act, or general enquires, please contact our Right to Information and Subpoena Unit.

The Right to Information and Subpoena Unit
(02) 9716 2662

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