Land and Housing Corporation

Who we are

The NSW Land and Housing Corporation (LAHC) owns and manages land, buildings and other assets within the social housing portfolio which comprises some 145,000 dwellings valued at approximately $34 billion.

A statutory body, LAHC is under the portfolio and direction of the Minister for Family and Community Services, following an administrative order that transferred the management of LAHC to the Secretary of the Department of Family and Community Services (FACS). Prior to 2 August 2013, LAHC was under the portfolio and direction of the Minister for Finance and Services.

LAHC is a Public Trading Enterprise (PTE) and was established in 2001 under the Housing Act 2001 to complement Housing NSW and achieve unified administration of the Act.

Our objectives

LAHC is responsible for owning and managing NSW Government social housing assets with the goal of providing more houses for people in need. To do this we:

  • advise the government on how best to utilise its land and housing assets for the delivery of agreed social housing outcomes
  • manage and develop land and housing assets through
  • maintaining and upgrading existing properties
  • acquiring, planning and developing land and properties
  • renewing housing estates and
  • disposing of land and properties
  • procure effective tenancy management services
  • work with other government agencies to influence policy and implement initiatives related to LAHC’s purpose and goal.
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